• frequent collaborators

    (Feel free to contact them directly. They're awesome people.)

    Amanda Veith - Film Producer, Digital Marketing, PR

    Amanda Veith Consulting

    20+ year career as a film producer, social media consultant and PR nerd.


    Claim to fame: Her independent short film - the Job - became one of the first viral videos. It garnered over 1 million views on one day to become the most watched youtube video for March 28, 2008. How cool is that.


    Fun fact: Amanda once shared a hot tub with Mark Walberg during the premier of Boogie Nights. That's all she's saying.

    Brian Alberth - Filmmaker, Editor, Animator

    There's pretty much nothing Brian can't do with camera or video. He's just flat good at everything he does for us. Frankly, he should charge us more.


    Claims to Fame: Former president of MCI - International.


    Fun fact: His cousin is Tony Romo. He's a Packer fan. And he shoots for NFL films.

    Dan Lemmer - Graphic Designer, Art Director, Product Designer

    When our clients want to invest in truly original design - whether it's a logo, animation or packaging - we call Dan. Then we pray like hell that he's interested and available for the project. His design specialty is way-finding. If you're not sure what that is, check out his site. It's cool stuff.


    Claim to Fame: Once road his bike 300 miles. In one day. Now we just call him 'The Man' .


    Fun Fact: Dan attended MIT. He may or may not have been part of the legendary blackjack team that took Vegas for millions.


    Nivas Durairaj - Hardware / Software Engineer

    Nivas helped co-found outrigger3 in 2009 before Amazon stole him away to Seattle. But he still helps his old gang out when we need some high level technical stuff that no else can do.


    Claim to Fame: Hold three masters degrees: Computer Engineering (UW-Madison), Economics (U of Virginia) and MBA (U of Chicago).


    Fun Fact: Nivas hates cold weather. But he's really good at making snow angels. Go figure.