• 2017 Statisticks Campaign Videos

    The following videos are currently available for localization or adaptation

    Meet Jamie

    Very emotional and highly inspiring. It highlights both your community needs and United Way direct impact work. It has 11 customizable points for data.

    Statisticks Lottery

    Created for the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading to be localizable for United Ways. Features the voice of Morgan Freeman.

    United Way Impact: Then and Now

    This one blends the Statisticks world with the real world. Ideal at featuring successful case studies and promoting valued partnerships.

    Statisticks: Bridging The Gap

    Got positive outcomes you want to feature? This videos built for that.

    Works great as a stand alone video or a followup to your existing Statisticks video(s).

  • Why United Ways Invest in Statisticks Campaigns?

    (aside from highlighting their data)

    Direct Impact Work

    Question: "What exactly does the United Way do for our community?"


    Answer: "Check out our Statisticks video."


    We've worked extremely hard with United Ways over the years to make the process extremely efficient, effective and joyful.

    Guaranteed Results

    It's kind of nice knowing beforehand that your video's going to be awesome and get dynamite results.

  • a few words from our clients

    Ralph Smith

    Sr. VP of the Annie E. casey foundation

    “Of the hundreds of videos I’ve watched on the importance of reading at grade level, Statisticks is the most effective that I have ever seen.”

    Jennifer Yonan

    Vice President of Marketing and Donor Relations / United Way of Lake County, IL

    "We engaged Outrigger3 to produce our 2011 campaign video, Statisticks" that went viral. This four-minute, animated video was selected as a finalist in the 2012 TED Ads Worth Spreading video competition. Needless to say, we are thrilled with the exposure, recognition and respect United Way of Lake County gained with the expert service of Outrigger3."

    Adam Hardy

    Marketing and Communication Director, / Brown County United Way

    "When people watch Jamie they cry, but they also walk away with a deeper understanding of our community needs, and this helps us to achieve our mission comprehensively."

    Brandon Feller


    “The reviews are in and donors, volunteers and our board love Statisticks! By partnering with John and Outrigger3, we were able to tell our story in a creative and compelling way. The process was easy and the result was what we needed.”

    Ashley Winch

    Communications Director / Marshfield Area United Way

    “Statisticks means much, much more to John than just a service/product he sells. He is passionate about United Way, the impact United Way has in their respective communities, and using his work to help people understand the importance of United Way in their community”

  • The 5 Most FAQ

    Delivery Time?

    Typically ~ one month. It's largely dependent on the time of year (Spring/Summer are crazy busy) and how quickly you can get everything approved on your end. We delivered campaign videos under ten days for particularly motivated United Ways.


    We're really accommodating with this. We're inspired by all the cool usages of Jamie. We only get mad when people try to make their own videos with our stuff.


    We work 100% remotely with United Way clients all across the country. We've perfected an effective and efficient process we've honed together with United Ways over the years. Typically 4 focused virtual pre-production meetings and one final client review is all it takes. Most meetings are pretty exciting, inspiring and enjoyable for all parties involved.

    Other products?

    Yes, we have adaptable corporate thank you videos, 30 second spots, Spanish language adaptations, annual report templates and others. Just let us know what you're looking for and we probably have something dynamite in our inventory that we can adapt for your needs. And yes, we do create new videos if you have a little more time, budget and ideas you'd like to explore.

    Budget issues?

    We realize that budgets are tight and not all United Way budgets are the same. We've produced videos for metro United Ways as well as United Ways with as few as two staff members. There's never been a United Way that really wanted a Statisticks that didn't get one. There are plenty of funding options if need you need a hell. Just ask us and we'll help you out.

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